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The Benefits of Airless Packaging

As with anything you put into or onto your body, purity is essential. In an ideal world, we would love to bottle our pure forms of vitamins and antioxidants and transplant directly onto your skin as we understand that this would give you the best chance of achieving the best results. Unfortunately, this is not possible as raw ingredients degrade in efficacy over very short time frames, especially when air is allowed to come in contact with the formulation. The Skincare Company Vitamin C serum for example is produced in small batches and has lead times as low as two days from manufacture to shelf. It is formulated with pure 10% l-ascorbic acid which is very active and requires protection from air, UV light and extreme temperature to reach you in its’ most effective state.

The Skincare Company prides itself on delivering the highest quality ingredients in the freshest possible state by manufacturing in small batches more often. This ensures low shelf life. We have also invested in airless packaging across the range. This prevents air from contaminating the formulations so that it is delivered to your skin in it’s most potent form. Our bottles are also insulated from temperature by a double walled internal mechanism that protects the formulations from variations in temperature.


  • No inflow of external air prevents the ingredients from oxidising into the air, ensuring more potent formulations. This allows a small amount of preservative to be used, thereby preventing skin irritation
  • Optimum formula protection and shelf stability
  • Prevents Cavitation effect of general dip tube pumps when applying them to high viscosity formulations such as The Skincare Company Exfoliant Serum. This is advantageous for products with relatively higher viscosity than normal dip tube pumps by forcing them to level and therefore, dispense more easily
  • Less wastage than traditional dispensing systems
  • Formulations do not touch metal surface preventing contamination
  • Highly consistent and specific dosing accuracy


Occasionally, there will be a need to re-prime the internal pump mechanism. This is very common with airless dispensers and should not be considered faulty. The small disk inside the bottle that moves to the top as you pump, can become stuck and will need to be loosened so it can move freely again. To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1. Ensure that the pump is tightly screwed onto the bottle.
Step 2. Firmly tap the base of the bottle on a firm surface 3-4 times.
Step 3. Pump the dispenser slowly about 15-20 times upside down.
Step 4. Repeat steps 1-3 at any time if required.


These airless dispensers do not have a tube or straw inside.
We do not recommend removing the pump from the bottle if it stops pumping as this will let air into the bottle and will effect the potency of the product over time.