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Our cosmeceutical skincare range is both refined and refreshingly simple. Our range was developed in collaboration with a team of skin specialists, comprising of a world leading bio physicist, plastic surgeon and industry leading clinicians.

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Our System


Morning Cleanse

Our System

Step One — Morning Cleanse

Emulsify Daily Cleanser or lather Facial Mousse Cleanser on wet hands. Massage onto face. Rinse off with warm water.

Additionally, exfoliate with Facial Scrub by massaging onto the face for 30 seconds before rinsing off. Use once per week.


Night SerumsNight Serums

Morning Serums

Our System

Step Two — Apply Morning Serums

Apply one pump of Vitamin C serum to the face and allow to dry. Layer HB5 serum over the top for normal skin or Vitamin B3 serum for oily/combination skin


Eye TreatmentEye Treatment

Morning Moisturise

Our System

Step Three — Morning Moisturise

Gently apply Eye Treatment cream andMoisturiser with Sunscreen or Hydrating Moisturiser and finish with Dry Touch SPF50 Sunscreen.



Night Cleanse

Our System

Step Four — Night Cleanse

Emulsify Daily Cleanser or lather Facial Mousse Cleanser on wet hands. Massage onto face. Rinse off with warm water.

Additionally, exfoliate with Facial Scrub by massaging onto the face for 30 seconds before rinsing off. Use once per week.


Rebecca Judd, Morning SerumsRebecca Judd, Morning Serums

Night Serums

Our System

Step Five — Apply Night Serums

Apply Exfoliant serum and Vitamin A serum on alternate nights. Apply a small amount to the face, avoiding the delicate area of the nose and eyes.

Add an application of Hydration Booster serum if skin requires extra hydration.



Night Moisturise

Our System

Step Six — Night Moisturise

Gently apply Eye Treatment cream and finishing with Hydrating Moisturiser as the last step in your daily routine.


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Q & A

  • Q — What products from The Skincare Company can I use for my sensitive skin and rosacea?

    A — We have designed our range to be irritant, fragrance and synthetic preservative free with sensitive skins in mind. For your morning routine, our Daily Cleanser is a gentle cream cleanser that will not strip the skin and disrupt the protective acid mantle that is very important for skin health. (If you get that tight squeaky clean feeling after washing, you’ve probably just stripped away your acid mantle which increases your chances of skin damage and infection). Moisturiser with Sunscreen contains vitamin B3 for strengthening the skin, and helps to reduce pigmentation. Liquorice root extract and sunflower seed oil – mimic the healing cascade in the skin, and help reduce inflammation.

    Specialty Serums to use in the morning: Vitamin C – strengthens, and contains zinc for anti-inflammatory effects. Hyaluronic Acid Vitamin B5 Serum is soothing, calming and healing for sensitive and reactive skin. Specialist tip: Mix Vitamin C with our our lightweight, super hydrating Hyaluronic B5 to reduce pH irritation on skin. For foundation try our Mineral Sheer Tint, it evens skin tone with a sheer natural radiance, as it nourishes, moisturises and protects.
    Night routine: After cleansing, apply deeply nourishing and fast absorbing hydration booster CoQ10 oil that is ideal for sensitive skins and is formulated using potent antioxidants, vitamins and the highest quality oils. Vitamin A Cream is fantastic for sensitive skin as it excels as an antioxidant assisting in skin renewal and building skin strength. Our luxurious Hydrating Moisturiser excels in providing essential nourishment and is enriched with Vitamins B3, B5, E, A to provide superior antioxidant protection and moisture barrier.

    Specialist tip: Vitamin B3 Serum – use sparingly, avoid: AHA/BHA serum, AHA/BHA Facial Scrub, Facial Mousse Cleanser

  • Q — Are your products tested on animals?

    A — Thanks for your interest in our products. We can assure you that we have never and never will test our products on animals.

  • Q — If I have oily skin, what are the best The Skincare Company products for me?

    A — For oily/combination skins, we recommend our Facial Mousse Cleanser and Vitamin B3 Serum in the morning to help you control sebum/oil production and is perfect for applying under The Face Mineral Powder makeup. Our Moisturiser with Sunscreen is a paraben free, gel-based formulation that provides daily hydration with sun protection and won’t clog pores. Oiler skins can benefit from using our AHA/BHA Facial Scrub and AHA/BHA Exfoliant Serum which contain salicylic acid to open and unclog pores.

    Use Exfoliant Serum and Vitamin A on alternate nights to reduce pore size and normalise oil levels in the skin. The Face Makeup is also suitable for oily skins. The Flawless Liquid Foundations and Colour Correcting creams in particular, as they are water-based and oil free. Mineral Powder Foundation won’t clog pores and is also oil absorbing, reducing shine throughout the day, and it can be used over your Flawless Liquid foundation or worn by itself.

  • Q — If I have dry skin, what are the best The Skincare Company products for me?

    A — All of our products are suitable for you! But in particular our Daily Cleanser, our bestselling Vitamin C and Hyaluronic B5 serums, and COQ10 Hydration Booster for face and top-to-toe body oil, (read about it’s other uses here [link to journal]). Layer your Vitamin C and Hyaluronic B5 serums in the morning. Use your hydration booster CoQ10 underneath your Hydrating Moisturiser at night.

    Dry skins can also benefit from using our Exfoliant Serum and Vitamin A Serums a few times a week. Begin with 1-2 a week and build up to using on on alternate nights. Try our Facial Scrub to loosen and remove the dead epidermal skin cells. This leaves newly revealed cells to be treated by the special antioxidant and soothing properties resulting in a smooth and refreshed appearance. For foundation stick with liquid foundations such as Flawless Liquid Foundation and Mineral Sheer tint which are enriched with vitamins and antioxidants and will provide nourishment and hydration.

  • Q — I have mature skin, what are the best anti-aging The Skincare Company products for me?

    A — We focus on formulas that provide broad antioxidant protection required for antiaging providing essential nourishment and exfoliation required by mature skin. Use your Derma Roller 2-3 times a week in the mornings and layer your Vitamin C and Hyaluronic B5 serums right after.

    Use your hydration booster CoQ10 underneath your Hydrating Moisturiser at night, and use your Exfoliating Serum and Vitamin A Serums on alternate nights. Eye Treatment is excellent for protecting the delicate eye area and reducing dark circles.

  • Q — I have been wanting to start using your skincare products but I am unsure what to start off with.. my skin is normal although my face gets dry from time to time, i would like a good moisturiser with sunscreen that I can wear every day as well a night cream or something similar to put on in the evening .. And, I would like to know who stocks your products in Melbourne ? I live in the northern suburbs..

    A — We would suggest starting with our “Moisturiser with sunscreen” for everyday use and our “Hydrating moisturiser” for nightime. You will find the daytime moisturiser to be light, fortified with antioxidants and very easy to apply.

    Our night time hydrating moisturiser is nourishing, hydrating and is also filled with anti-aging ingredients to regenerate your skin at night. Our Melbourne stockists are listed on our website. I’m sure our stockists would love to hear from you and offer you a complimentary skincare consultation.

  • Q — If I have acne prone skin, what are the best The Skincare Company products for me?

    A — You can use either of our cleansers: Foaming Mousse Cleanser, papaya fruit enzymes in this cleanser gently exfoliate skin, and remove excess sebum. Lactic and salicylic acids in the Daily Cleanser will gently exfoliate and provide extra moisture with Vitamin B3 controlling sebum production , B5 soothes, calms and heals the skin. Moisturiser With Sunscreen is gel based, oil and paraben free and won’t clog pores. Vitamin C and Hyaluronic B5 serums aid in calming and healing and help with post inflammatory pigmentation.

    Alternate Exfoliant Serum and Vitamin A Cream at night for decongesting and accelerated cell renewal. For foundation you could try our mattifying and non-pore clogging Mineral Powder Foundation or Flawless Liquid Foundation and Colour Correcting Cream as they are waterbased, light-weight and oil-free.

  • Q — I have pigmented skin, what are the best The Skincare Company products for me?

    A — Treating pigmentation requires vigilant use of our Dry Touch SPF50 broad spectrum sunscreen daily. We also recommend clients use our Daily Cleanser and Moisturiser with Sunscreen. In the morning we recommend daily use of our Vitamin C and Vitamin B3 serums which are the superstars for your skin brightening routine as they are essential cofactors for enzymes that inhibit the steps of pigment production in the epidermis.

    In the evening we recommend using our Exfoliant serum to promote cell renewal which reduces skin discolorations including unwanted pigmentation. To boost the reduction in pigmentation deposits we also recommend you visit our stockist partners for a chemical peel treatments to assist lightening. To prevent further pigmentation from occurring we also recommend wearing a wide-brimmed hat for limit unwanted sun exposure!