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Our Values

At The Skincare Company we use our real world experience to make a real difference.

We’re inspired by the results we can give to our customers, turning proven science and our own in-clinic smarts into an easy-to-use experience for all. We’re proud to bring intelligence and insight to an industry full of junk and jargon, articulating how our products can help in a straight-forward way.

Australian, authentic and true to the core, our people are much like our products. The real deal. A brilliant team of people make The Skincare Company skincare products right here in Australia. We’re proud of our story – who we are, where we’ve come from – and how our hard work has seen us get ahead. We are proud to say that The Skincare Company is 100% Australian owned, operated and made.​​

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At The Skincare Company, we’re committed to providing quality skincare with as little environmental impact as possible. By 2025, we’re striving to use 100% recycled or recyclable materials, not only for our products but for our shipping processes as well.

Phase 1 (2020/21) – includes replacing our current jars for 100% recyclable versions. This will eventually build up to be 20% of the product range.

Sustainable Shipping:

  • Hero Biodegradable Shipping Mailers
  • Biodegradable Packaging Noodles (they dissolve in water!)
  • Recyclable Foam
  • Recyclable Boxes

Hero Packaging Certification

The Skincare Company is 100% cruelty free.

It’s important to us that are products are free from all animal testing and have been from the day The Skincare Company was born. Our manufacturing and testing processes are completely free from animal testing and we only source from suppliers that are cruelty free as well.

We only test on ourselves!

Our community is what continues to help us succeed and we are humbled by the opportunity to give back locally through our partnership with Geelong Mums.

Founded in 2013, Geelong Mums is a 600 strong volunteer service that has a goal  “To ensure children and families are happy, healthy and safe. This is possible when families can provide their children with the best possible foundation in life.” The Skincare Company is proud to be sponsoring a section of the warehouse (The Skincare Company Clothing Corner), where essential donated clothing items are sorted and packed for families in need.

We also strive to support the Australians that need it most in times of need.