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Skincare ProductsSkincare Products

Leading the way for quality and effectiveness

Since 2009, the vision of The Skincare Company has been simple: to develop scientifically formulated,
sophisticated cosmeceutical skincare products which work. Continued research and development is a
primary focus for us as we lead the way to redefine an active yet simple approach to anti-aging skincare.

We have always collaborated with leading bio-physicists, clinicians, plastic surgeons and dermatologists
to create unique formulations with demonstrated clinical efficacy. We pride ourselves on including only
the best active ingredients that are backed by robust scientific studies with proven results.

We are proudly Australian owned and we ensure our world class manufacturing facility is consistent
with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Code of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
for Therapeutic products. In addition, all our personal involved in our manufacturing process are GMP
Trained and have a full awareness of our customer expectations guaranteeing the highest level of
quality and efficiency.

With the knowledge and resources of experienced and peer respected scientists, our high quality products
will always comply with regulatory and quality standards, product storage and temperature compliance
with proven product stability. Our products are subjected to rigorous testing including stability and activity
involving complex analytical methods and performance testing, including microbiological evaluation.
Technical and product information for each product is provided on our website, to assist our consumers in
making an informed product choice, ensuring client confidence and satisfaction is second to none.

We are also passionate about safety and synergy. You will discover that we don’t use any harmful filler
ingredients. Just raw, active and clinical grade cosmeceuticals, proven to make a positive difference. We
utilise bioactive raw ingredients that work synergistically with other key active ingredients to create
powerful and lasting results on the skin. Furthermore, our specialty serums are all carefully crafted to be
pH optimised to ensure optimal skin delivery, efficacy and stability.

As our journey continues and our product range grows, the reason we began The Skincare Company
remains the same. We’re here to help our clients achieve the best possible skin, with product we stand